COLUMN: Hunting is not the issue

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By GLENN MARKIEWICZ, Guest Columnist

I’m writing this because of the article that Mr. Robinson wrote in a national magazine, the American Cooner. I would like to first say I never met this man in my life, so how can he say such outlandish things like I’m against hunting?

I am not against hunting. I know many people who hunt and I have family members who hunt. I know hunting is a natural order in life and if we didn’t hunt, this world would be overpopulated with animals we would not know what to do with.

I would like to say a few things about myself. I’m a member of the Humane Society of Perry County and have been for three years.

I have done so much for the animals in the past two years. I have donated almost $5,000 through scrap metal drives and aluminum can drives. I also conduct yard sales and other fundraisers. I have played Santa Claus for the past three years and also played the Easter Bunny for three years. I help with many projects. I have put thousands of miles on my truck and hardly take anything for my time. Once in a while I turn in gas receipts. I also am a member of the Perry County Dog Park Board. Along with Tony Hollinden, we opened up a dog park here in Tell City. It’s located off of 16th and Tell streets. I use it all the time with my dog, Chloe, and she loves it.

The Tell City Water Department gave me two fire hydrants and dug the holes and put them in place. The dogs love them.

I also have picked up many, many stray dogs and cats and found them homes or took them to the animal shelter. I picked up a kitten, 3 to 4 weeks old, that was full of fleas and ants. Her eyes were matted shut. If I hadn’t found her, she would be an angel right now. So we call her Angel; she is very loving.

I’m also on the Perry County Animal Welfare and Control Board. I love it. I love animals very much. I will do anything for the animals because they can’t help themselves. That’s why I’m very active in my great community to help animals.

If anyone has a problem and wants to talk, I’m in the phone book. I’m still collecting scrap metal and aluminum cans. If anyone has something they want to get rid of call me. There is a yellow bin over by Noble’s IGA and this guy who has it said 35 percent goes to the Humane Society. Yes it does and he keeps 65 percent. When you drop it off by my house or if if I pick it up, 100 percent goes to help the animals.

If you want proof, I will show you. I keep records of everything I turn in. Well, thank you for your time and I hope to speak to you soon.

Markiewicz lives in Tell City.