COLUMN: Elected officials’ ideas fine

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Guest Columnist

This is in opposition to the article in the News that was written by guest  columnist Don Swaney.

My first question is to Vince Luecke, the editor: Why would you as editor have such an uninformed person writing an article for your paper?

Now to Mr. Swaney: I believe our elected officials do a  pretty good job of running our city. I know, you didn’t ask me. Well, maybe you should have. The new hotel-motel is a much-needed asset. For your information, I have family who like to visit from time to time and are rarely able to get  a room here in town.

As for the visitors center, I feel its a grand idea and a lot of the money was already here and had to be used.

I hope you are not under the impression that we could give it back and lower taxes. If we gave it back, it would have been given to someone else.

Tell you what, Mr. Swaney, let’s let Noble’s – a fine store for as long as I can remember – worry about  another store. I’m sure that if they can compete with Wal-Mart, they wont have too much to fear from anyone else.

I may be wrong on this issue, but I think  sidewalk upkeep is the responsibility of the owner. I live near one of the walkways and I will attest to the fact that they are used by a lot of people.

Now for a public golf course, I don’t play golf but I know for a fact that there are lot of people who do. A golf course is a win-win venture. It’s good exercise and it would likely more than pay for itself.

(The most objectionable remark) was “get the commercial trucks off our streets.” That would be the best way to end our city. Almost everything brought into Tell City is trucked in. Is that enough said on the subject?

If the mayor does spend more time in the restaurants, she will hear  more support than you think.

Here is my last comment: Our county and city officials may not have it all right, but at least they are trying to grow our city and county.

If you have better ideas, please run for office, Mr. Swaney. I would love the opportunity to vote against you.

Huff is a Tell City resident.