COLUMN: Dragging Main: A blast from the past

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Guest Columnist

Dragging Main! What a great idea. I am K. Jeanene Haynes Champion. In 1949, I had a 1936 Chevy with a whooptie, whoo, whoo, whistle on it.

I moved from South Bend to Grandview after graduating in 1949. I started working at General Electric and met Mary Lou (Poehlein) Parker, Mary (Tabelman) Wilgus, Jessie (Young) Schroeder, Nita Meyers and Dot (Lasher) Kessner. My new friends and I loved to drag Main Street. If you saw someone who you knew, or someone you wanted to know, we would stop or be pulled over to get acquainted. Those who didn’t have a car would sit on the park wall. I met Carl Champion while attending a dance at the Rondezvous, where every young person went on Saturday night for dancing and meeting friends.

Carl and Bob Rutherford liked to drag Main Street, too. Bob went with Mary Lou, and Carl wanted to get to know me. I guess you could say that dragging Main Street was, for the most part, where Carl and I got acquainted with one another.

We dated, became engaged and were happily married 59 years ago.

This year we drug Main in our car and rang our cow bell, with all the other happy draggers. What fun, a blast from the past.

Champion penned this column in 2011. She passed away last year.