Cocaine cited in April death case

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By The Staff

DOOLITTLE MILLS - A northern Perry County man found dead alongside a county road in April likely died from a coronary spasm caused by cocaine use, the county coroner's office said this week.

Jonathan M. Neighbors, 28, was found near Okalona Road shortly before 11 a.m. April 11. Troopers and paramedics arrived in the area of 28511 Okalona Road and Neighbors' body was located on the south side of the roadway, police said.

Neighbors lived at 28539 Okalona Road.

Coroner Darryl Riley said the death investigation showed Neighbors had ingested a large amount of cocaine and while the level of the drug in the man's system hadn't reached a toxic level, a by-product from his body's metabolization of cocaine was toxic.

Riley said the direct cause of death was most likely a coronary artery spasm, causing the heart to fail.