City taxes don’t deliver much

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A lot is being said about the proposed and adopted annexation by the city officials, and I felt compelled to share my experiences of late as to what has happened to me.

I am 83 years old and have lived at 8620 Brushy Fork Road for nearly 53 years now. Our property was annexed into the city in 1966. Since that time, not one improvement has been done to the property that they annexed into the city. I’m sure the officials at that time had expectations of how they wanted Tell City to grow, but with my property it hasn’t one bit. In fact, just the opposite has happened.

We were annexed into the city and since that time there has been no development here at this address. My tax more than doubled, though.

I’ve paid an outrageous amount of taxes for over 48 years. I used to have ambulance service, fire protection and police protection for the taxes I pay, but as of a few months ago that is no longer available to me. I will still have to pay those city taxes, though.

You see, you can only access this property by way of crossing a stream we always called Brushy Fork Creek. When we were in the county, they took care of the bridge that was there. Since being annexed into the city, there was a culvert put there and now that culvert, through age and neglect of caring for this creek, has caved in and you can no longer pass over it.

My daughter has been asking the city for help with the maintenance of this culvert for years before it finally bit the dust, but nothing happened. Just last year she went to the mayor and asked that they work together to get this resolved, but instead one delay after another until finally a meeting before the board of works to find a solution to the problem.

Well, after their meeting they asked and received yet another delay of two weeks.

After the delay, it was decided to go before the city council at a special meeting for an ordinance to be adopted for such problems.

The only problem with that is the administration is insisting that this creek is a ditch, and they have now adopted an ordinance for such a problem. It is the landowners responsibility for any culvert to be put in.

You will have to obtain a permit and get the stormwater committee, or whoever they call themselves, to come assess the property and they decide what size and what kind of culvert you will need.

That really doesn’t do anything to help with our problem because this is a stream.

Until something is done, I now do not have any of the services that my tax dollars are spent on. I have no ambulance service, no fire protection or police protection, and until just recently I did not even have the trash pickup that I have been paying for a lot of years. I insisted because now I have no way to get out of my property other than walking a block and crossing a fallen-in culvert. When I go to the grocery, or anywhere that I have to bring something to my house, I have to pull a wagon loaded with the articles I purchased to get them to my house.

I truly feel that the city and the officials have land- locked my property since I have no streets to cross or get access to so that I can get to my property. I have definitely paid enough taxes over the 48 years for the city to put in something to cross so I can get access to this property.

I hope that with my age I don’t need any of those services, but I am denied because of this. I know it sure is getting hard to pull that wagon on hot days. I write this for those of you who may be on that fence about signing this petition to stop the annexation.

Look what 48 years of taxes have done for me and yes they will and do tell you anything at first. Then the ordinances come into play.