City pursues roof repairs

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By Kevin Koelling, Managing Editor

Mayor says efforts unheeded on warranty claim

CANNELTON - In response to a question from Councilwoman Lynn Fulkerson at an Aug. 11 common-council meeting, Cannelton Mayor Smokey Graves said the contractor who reroofed the city's old gym "has done nothing" in response to repeated efforts to get him to correct problems that remained after his initial work.

"We sent two letters," city attorney Chris Goffinet said, adding that Carl Cronin of Tell City had said he'd honor a warranty on his work.

As The News reported in February and March, city leaders have sought repairs after the work proved inadequate. Goffinet said at a March meeting Cronin had fixed two leaks, but "he needs to know when it's leaking" so he can identify places that need further repairs. He said at this month's meeting the contract outlining the work wasn't written very well.

"When you're in business for yourself, and you do something wrong, you should pay for it," Fulkerson said.

She also said the Cannelton Community Foundation was scheduling a fundraiser for various needs in the facility, "but they don't want to spend their money if it'll be wasted."

Anyone who'd like to donate to that fundraiser can contact Barbara Beard or Adam or Lucy Goffinet.

Efforts to contact Cronin for comment were unsuccessful.