City officials compliment workers on snow response

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Works board agrees Cannelton Christmas parade went well

Managing Editor

CANNELTON – Cannelton city leaders lauded the city’s street department at meetings Dec. 9 for clearing streets after the season’s first snowfall.

“It wasn’t just me, it was the guys,” Street Commissioner David Marsh said when Mayor Mary Snyder complimented him and the department. “They were all out there.”

“I saw a lot of good comments on Facebook,” the mayor said, drawing agreement from Clerk-Treasurer Arvina Bozarth.

“I know I had a lot of customers from Cannelton come into the store,” Lynn Fulkerson said during the meeting of the city’s board of public works and safety, where she serves in addition to being a member of the city’s common council. She’s also a manager for Maurice’s in Tell City and said she asked customers about their roads “and I didn’t get one complaint, because they were good.”

“Most people were traveling around town,” according to Melvin McBrayer, also a member of the board and council. “Roads were clear enough that you could drive and get to stores and things like that. That means a lot … you have somebody you can depend on. All of our departments have been real good this year about doing the things they have to do, and it’s been a busy year for each and every one of those departments.”

Snyder added that Fire Chief Chris Herzog offered that department’s four-wheel-drive vehicle to the police department. “That just showed working together, and I was proud to see that.”

The mayor also said she thought the city’s Christmas parade went well.“We had quite a few floats this year,” Fulkerson noted.

“Pretty floats, too,” Bozarth added. “They were really pretty.”

In other business, the mayor provided an updated contract between the city and Troy Township specifying terms for fire protection. She said no changes were made and it had been reviewed by the city attorney. The works board approved a motion to accept it.

Snyder then asked the board’s opinion about allowing Police Chief Lee Hall to sell vacation time he has been unable to use because his department “has been short-handed all year for one reason or another.”

“He has not taken any vacation time,” she said. “We’re going to be short-handed, probably into May” because a new officer will attend law-enforcement school, and Hall said he’d accept payment for the time.

Saying she understood the need, Fulkerson asked if people in other departments would also want the option to sell vacation time.

An employee handbook prohibits the practice, Bozarth said, “but we are allowed to make the exception when we have a situation like this.”

The board voted to recommend to the council Hall be allowed to sell the time, and the council approved it when they met later the same evening.

Attending the works-board meeting as an audience member, Councilman Emory Yaggi said one of his constituents received a notice about sewer-connection work that needs to be done. She wanted to know if she could wait until spring to make the repairs, he said. Those who couldn’t make such repairs within 90 days were informed they needed to appear before the board to request extensions, the mayor said.

Jerry Ball, superintendent of the sewer department, said the deadline is the end of January for those whose lines were identified through smoke testing as needing attention.

The board voted to approve an extension to March 31.