City council wants input on parking issues

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Former Tell City mayor says boat trailers, campers along city streets reflect poorly on community


TELL CITY – Two members of Tell City’s Common Council want the public’s input on what regulations, if any, should be enacted to limit the parking of boats, trailers, campers and similar recreational property on city streets.

Julie Kohnert and Gary Morton were appointed to a committee by Mayor Barbara Ewing this summer to address parking concerns. The city has regulations on where tractor-trailers can park but recreational vehicles such as boats and campers don’t fall under those rules.

Council members said they have heard requests by some residents to enact rules that would keep owners from parking their recreational property on streets, or only during certain times of the year.

Ewing said she has received comments from some citizens who said currently regulations are too lax and allow parking of those items all the time, regardless of how often they are used.

Morton said many communities have laws limiting or  outright banning boats and trailers and similar recreational property from streets.

Owners in those communities must either store those items on their own property or pay to have them stored elsewhere.
Former Mayor Gayle Strassell spoke to the council last Monday and encouraged members to do something, even if brings opposition.

“Tell City is a very nice town but people from other communities and other states can’t understand why we allow people to park everything on our streets,” she said.  

Challenges to more stringent rules could come from the council itself. Councilman Gerald Yackle asked if it was fair to force people who pay for recreational vehicles to also pay for storage.

He said some people don’t have extra garage space or spare lots to store them off of streets.

As a community along the river, he said boats are part of many residents’ lives.

Morton countered that he wanted to review statutes of other communities before possibly making recommendations to the council in coming weeks.

Kohnert agreed, saying she wanted input from the public, especially those who own boats, campers and similar recreational property.

Kohnert can be reached by email at bkohnert@psci.net or by calling 547-7679. Comments on the issue can also be made by email to Morton at glmort@psci.net or 547-6109.