City council adopts ordinances

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Amendment corrects budget oversight

Managing Editor

CANNELTON – Cannelton Common Council members voted at a regular meeting Nov. 12 to adopt an ordinance permitting Clerk-Treasurer Arvina Bozarth to make certain payments by electronic funds transfers.

“Starting Jan. 1, the Indiana Department of Revenue will no longer accept checks,” Bozarth explained. “They want everything done through electronic payment.”

The requirement applies to state and local tax withholdings and payments to the state’s Public Employees Retirement Fund, she added.

She told the council she doesn’t care for the change.

“For one thing, I’m still going to have to make up a voucher that you guys sign,” she said, “and because it comes out electronically, it’s something I’m going to have to really pay close and strict attention to during my reconcilement. I sort of liked writing a check, myself. That way, I knew what I was paying and when. I really didn’t have much choice, because this is an Indiana state law that we have to comply with.”

“In other words, they’re telling you you have to but we’ve got to make sure we give you permission,” Councilwoman Kim Reed said, eliciting laughter from the others.

Councilwoman Lynn Fulkerson offered a motion authorizing the payments, and the council adopted it unanimously.

Salary Ordinance

They also approved an amendment to the city’s salary ordinance that Mayor Mary Snyder said was necessary after an oversight by her and Bozarth.

The mayor explained that when the budget was planned, $5,000 was deducted from Street Commissioner David Marsh’s pay to include for part-time help. The same amount was returned to his salary from the trash department.  

“It doesn’t change our budget in any way,” Bozarth said. “It just changes where we’re getting the money from.”

“And since he’s really over (the trash) department, too, it’s perfectly all right to do it that way,” Snyder added. “Next year we may change it back … David had very little help this year. Of course, it was dry a lot,” she continued, referring to drought conditions that inhibited the growth of grass, “but he still struggled to get that mowing done” at the city’s cemetery.

Approval of the amendment was also unanimous.

“Dave did do a good job up on the cemetery this year,” Councilman Emory Yaggi said when the mayor solicited comments from around the table.

Looking Good

Councilman Jack Harris complimented Mike Moskos for his used-car lot, which “looks a lot better” after he made improvements, “and Robbie (Moskos) has done a good job up on the Clements building.”

He was referring to a Seventh Street building previously identified as an eyesore but now undergoing restoration.

“He’s working seven days a week,” Reed offered. “He’s there every day.”