For cities, county, a lot rides on Census 2010

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By The Staff

In just a few months Census 2010 will become a reality, with Perry County residents receiving their census forms in the mail. We can't stress how important it is for all of us to participate and complete the simple 10-question form.

Tell City has formed a Complete Count Committee, led by Louie and Marcie Heitkemper with representatives from schools, community groups, churches and media. Its chief goal is to educate citizens about how important the census is. That group's message is equally important to all county residents.

A lot rides on the 2010 count. One of the most critical points is our voice in the U.S. House of Representatives. Should our count go down here, as well as other cities and counties in Indiana, we could lose a seat in the U. S. Congress. That happened in the 2000 Census.

State leaders will use census data to redraw our legislative districts.

Another equally important item is the funds that will be returned to our city and county for each person counted, an amount projected at $400 per person. This is all part of $300 billion at stake nationally in state and federal funds, all allocated according to census figures. That number is significant as those funds come back to us in services such as school funding and money for hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, roads, economic development, adult education, public transportation, public safety and much more.

Economic-development funding may be the most crucial to the community's future. Companies interested in locating here want to know the population and its makeup, whether it is growing or declining and the ages of residents to be assured an adequate work force is available, and about affordable housing and quality of schools. It's important Perry County's numbers are accurate.

A big plus in the 2010 Census is the form itself. There are only 10 questions that can be answered in no more than 15 minutes.

We join Mayor Barbara Ewing and the Complete Count Committee in asking you to commit now to taking part in Census 2010. Take the form seriously when it arrives at your home and take the time to complete and return it.

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