Cannelton School Board OKs revised student handbook

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Electronic devices must remain in lockers, cars during day

Managing Editor

CANNELTON – Cannelton School Board members approved a revised student handbook at a regular meeting, incorporating changes School Superintendent Al Sibbitt said he intended to make.

New Principal Roger Fisher “went through and did a lot of editing,” Sibbitt told the board.

Fisher said he found the previous version cumbersome.

“This is what we need,” he added, saying rule changes included those referring to electronic devices and the dress code.

Cell phones and video-game or music players may be taken on campus for after-school use, the revised rules say, but are not to be carried in pockets, backpacks or purses while school is in session. They must be turned off and left in lockers or vehicles between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. or they’ll be confiscated. Only a parent or guardian can retrieve the items and the offending student will face a one-day in-school suspension for the first offense. A day will be added to each of the next two offenses and the fourth infraction will mean five days’ in-school suspension. Breaking the rule once more will bring a 10-day out-of-school suspension and an expulsion recommendation.

Refusal to relinquish one of the items may also bring an expulsion recommendation, the handbook notes.

Under the dress code, pants, shorts and dresses must be knee length or longer. Additionally, “garments must be pulled up to the waist at all times, not sagging below the waist.”

Spandex and other types of shorts designed to be skin-tight may not be worn unless covered by other acceptable attire.

Except for earrings, body piercings are prohibited, as are ear gauges and discs. Devices piercing lips, eyebrows, noses, cheeks and tongues are also banned. If the principal or assistant principal determines a student’s dress or appearance interferes with the school’s educational function, the student may be sent home to correct the problem, in addition to other possible consequences.

In other business, the board approved the employment of Jamie Powers to replace fourth-grade teacher Pam Curtis, who will retire at the end of the first semester. Jessica Burnett’s employment as an aide in the after-school latchkey program was also approved. She was to be paid $7.25 per hour, retroactive to Aug. 22.

Also approved as Title 1 after-school tutors for sixth- through 12th-graders were Casie Quinn and Felicia Myers for math and Eric Harris for language arts. Quinn was to work until the end of the volleyball season, then Myers would take over. The pay for all three was set at $15 per hour.

Fisher reported no one had signed up for language arts and in math, one student enrolled initially, but that number jumped to five by the night preceding the meeting after he sent a letter home to all parents.

“It’s typical to have more students in math,” he noted, adding that participants don’t have to show up for every session, but “it’s their choice.”

Sibbitt secured board members' signatures on a letter expressing appreciation to Jesse Clem, one of the owners of the Covered Wagon dance venue, for spending $17,380 to have the asphalt playground cleaned and sealed and to have two gates and an entry ramp installed. He had offered to make the improvements in return for using the area for parking during a concert. (Correction added: In our print edition, it wasn't made clear who signed the letter.)