To Cannelton Mayor and City Council Members

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Everyone in Tell City and Hawesville gets AT&T DSL except for Cannelton. I think we should see if our city could get it. We have AT&T phone service but we need dsl service also. Please check into this. Thank you.

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I get broadband in Cannelton using Comcast cable.

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DSL in Cannelton...

I'm not familiar with Cannelton's phone system, as far as where central offices for ATT are located in that town, but the main issue will be what type of central office, if any, there is. I used to work for an internet provider a number of years ago in Bloomington, so I've seen the back side to this.

The main problem with DSL is cable distance, not to be confused with "as the crow flies" distance. For example, houses up by the golf course in Tell City are at the end of the effective range of 18000 ft. This is due to cable loops and whatnot that are stored in intersections. There could potentially be 1000' of cable in a given intersection, used for repairing damaged lines where they can just pull a few extra feet as needed. Also, a line may meander around, not always taking the straight street path up to a neighborhood. At that end you can only get speeds that are maybe double a modem, while if you're downtown you get 20-30 times the speed. All due to distances.

If ATT doesn't have the right equipment in Cannelton on their end, that's the biggest holdup. That gets into the sad reality that they probably think the market is too small to warrant the effort. I'm frankly surprised Tell City and Hawesville got it as long ago as they did.