Cannelton elementary school staff hails student accomplishments

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Editor’s note: This column was sent to the News by the teachers and staff of Cannelton elementary schools.
CANNELTON – Many students attend school every day, work hard and accomplish much. These same students often go unheralded.
This is what we hope will become a monthly column in which we recognize some of these students and their efforts.

Bria Garrett
– Bria is a kindergartner who is doing an outstanding job in reading. She not only reads by herself, but she loves to share her stories with the rest of the class.
Taylor Dupont – Taylor is another kindergartner who enjoys expressing herself through drawings and writings. One of her favorite things to do is make small books.
Sam Ball – Sam is a first grader who can recognize and read all sight words through the third-grade list.
Second grade – Mrs. Melton’s second-grade class had perfect attendance for an entire week. They also had 100 perfect in homework completion for the week.
Maggie Dawson – Maggie is a third grader who gives 100 percent. She not only applies herself in her academic work, but she also encourages her friends. She has a great attitude.
Logan Bishop – Logan, a third grader, always completes his assignments and never has to be reminded to do so. He has a great work ethic.
Belle Ball – A fourth grader, Belle is an all around good student. She listens actively, participates in class voluntarily and does an outstanding job academically.
Jacob Fortwendel – Jacob is new to our school this year and in the fourth grade. He has already made many new friends and he is kind and helpful to everyone.
Ovie McMahon – Ovie, a fifth grader, often volunteers to help fellow students with reading and math. She does this in her free time.
Kendra Anastasiades and Madeline Lindauer – These two fifth graders teamed up to clean the playground, looking for any playground items, which might have been left behind.
Kendra Anastasiades, Samantha Clair, Rafe Garrett, Ovie McMahan, Madison Huff, Kestin Ryan and Cassie Bishop – All of these fifth graders have brought in several items for the soldier care packages.