Business ignoring promise to control dust

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On June 26, 2012, I attended a zoning meeting for Dale Sprinkle to obtain a special exception request through the zoning office on property that adjoins ours. This was for a commercial recreational outdoor development, Eagles Wings Zipline.

The only thing about this is that during the meeting, it was brought up about the dust that would be caused by added traffic to the gravel road we live on. Mr. Sprinkle said he had already talked to County Road Superintendent Ed Feix, who has now retired, about dust control he planned to use on a the road. A few months ago, I called Hubert Voges, the county’s zoning administrator, and asked him to call Mr. Sprinkle to find out when he would do what he said about dust control.

I also called Randy Kleaving, one of our commissioners, and he was nice enough to speak with Mr. Sprinkle about this he said he had no money to provide dust control.

I’ve learned the hard way not ever to take someone’s word for anything, but I will pray Mr. Sprinkle starts making money so he can do what he promised. I would like a zoning meeting to be called to discuss this.

We have more problems. People are driving in our yard, speeding by our home and throwing out their garbage.

We feel this zip-line business has lowered the value of our home and really cut down on my outside time due to my chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

I would like Mr. Sprinkle to know I would never have agreed to his zoning request if he wasn’t going to keep his word on dust control.

Lorraine Road, Leopold