Brides Out of Poverty workshop hosts nearly 100 volunteers

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SPENCER COUNTY – Nearly 100 Lincoln Hills Development Corp. employees and volunteers participated in a Bridges Out of Poverty workshop last month. The workshop is based on a book by DeVol, Payne and Smith, which discusses challenges faced by low income Americans and the hidden rules of economic class.
The training uses these rules to educate community organizations about the unique and sometimes hidden obstacles that individuals in poverty face. The strategies learned help improve service for clients and increase the understanding of the differences in economic cultures and how those differences affect opportunities for success.
As one of the workshop attendees stated, “Poverty is frequently not the problem of not having money. It is not having the tools to make or keep money.”
The workshop was conducted by Michael Dames of Harisburg, N.C. Dames was raised in situational poverty, in a single parent household. He went on to achieve master’s degrees in both special education and school administration.
Bridges Out of Poverty was held at the Schergens Center in Tell City, with the cooperation of Lincoln Hills Development Corp., LHDC Head Start and Early Head Start, Healthy Families and the City of Tell City.