Board makes teaching changes

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Teachers shifted, assigned to summer classes


Managing Editor

CANNELTON – Cannelton School Board members approved several personnel actions at their regular meeting March 28, including an extension of the principal’s contract.

They reassigned Felicia Myers from seventh- and eighth-grade math and science teacher to fifth-grade teacher. 

Also reassigned was Shelly Gagliardi, from math coach for kindergarten through eighth-grade students to seventh- and eighth-grade special-education teacher.

The board voted to employ Casey Quinn as seventh-grade self-contained-classroom teacher. Schools Superintendent Al Sibbitt explained that her license is valid for middle-school grades as long as she’s teaching in a self-contained classroom.

The sixth- and seventh-grade classrooms are in the bottom portion of the high-school building, the superintendent explained, so the move will prevent those students from having to mingle with high-school students.

Those personnel actions and the board’s approval of a recommendation from Sibbitt to employ Bridget Bruggeman as varsity girls volleyball coach will take effect for the 2013-14 school year.

Other coaching positions they approved for this year were Mike Garrett as varsity baseball coach, Kyle Powers as assistant baseball coach and Scott Hemmings as junior-high and high-school boys and girls track.

Sibbitt also secured the board’s approval of his recommendations to employ teachers for summer-school sessions, contingent on adequate enrollments. Bruggeman will instruct first- through third-graders in reading. 

Myers will teach algebra to eighth- through 12th-graders and Hemmings will serve as reading instructional assistant for first- through third-graders. Eric Harris will teach English for any high-school students taking summer classes.

“All of the elementary teachers were asked if they wanted to teach the classes, and none of them did,” Sibbitt told the board. “The state will reimburse us the cost of the teachers’ salaries plus any aides that we hire. They give you 5 percent for administration costs.” 

It doesn’t cover costs such as Federal Insurance Contributions Act payments, he added, “but it covers about 95 percent of the cost.”

The board’s action concerning Principal Roger Fisher extended his contract expiration one year to June 30, 2015. It would, Sibbitt said, “give Mr. Fisher a new contract beginning on Aug. 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015. In other words, after this school year, he would have a new two-year contract.

As the News reported last April, the board hired the retired Springs Valley Community Schools superintendent under a two-year contract.