Attacks on Obama sign of desperation

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By The Staff

In a letter to the editor published in The Perry County News Oct. 20, Jim Adkins alludes to a comparison of Sen. Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler.

This in itself describes how desperate some people are to elect their choice to public office. I receive e-mails and have had conversations with people all throughout this campaign season with questions about our two candidates for president.

I have received racist e-mails and ones that refer to Barack Obama as a Muslim. I have heard comments that he will take away my guns.

These are political tactics and untruths that this country does not need. Obama and Sen. Joe Biden are both constitutional scholars who fight and defend our constitutional rights every day.

They are both Christians of faith.

While I have my preference of Barack Obama, I have never veered off of the truth nor have I made fictitious accusations about Sen. John McCain.

McCain is an honorable man who deserves respect. He is a former prisoner of war and he is a United States senator representing the citizens of Arizona. But I and many others in this country disagree with his philosophy on how we bring this great country of ours out of the crisis that it is in.

This is not a time to be divisive and try to win a campaign through fears created by individuals who claim to care but just want to push their agendas.

Sen. Evan Bayh, with an approval rating nearing 70 percent, former Sen. Birch Bayh as well as former Rep. Lee Hamilton, have been campaigning across this state for Obama.

President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton are working every day for the campaign of Obama.

Obama and Sen. Dick Lugar have reached across party lines to work on arms-control legislation that will help protect our country.

Do you honestly believe that these people would be working with Obama if he were not a person of integrity and one of trust?

This country deserves more than to have the executive branch of our government or their supporters continuously trying to achieve victory by creating fictitious fears and dividing our country.

Please go to the Perry County Courthouse and vote early.

There has never been a time in my life when I have felt that my vote and your vote has been more important.

Boerste is a Tell City resident and was elected this year to the Democratic National Committee.