Annual Wilgus reunion draws more than 150 family members

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JASPER – The 38th annual Wilgus family reunion was held July 21 at the Jasper Inn and Convention Center in Jasper.
The reunion is a gathering of the descendants and friends of Chester and Agnes (Hagedorn) Wilgus, lifelong residents of Tell City and Anderson Township in Perry County. In all, a record-setting 151 were in attendance, including two children, 22 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren and 36 great-great grandchildren. Attendees came from all over Indiana and from an additional nine states.
Those from Perry County included Charlie and Sue Wilgus, Doreen Lamar, Donna Lamar, Ilean Schmidt, Mona and Kenny Elder, Bob Arnold, Ruth Roesch, Delmar and Clara Maye (Coultas) Claise and Jayne Claise, all of Tell City; Al Gross from Troy and Rivaye, Justin and Gavin Zar-fos from Derby. From Spencer and Dubois counties were Sandy and Tony Waninger from Fulda; Brandy and Chris Schaefer from Dale; Nikki Lynn Hayes of Chrisney; Clara (Lamar) Wilgus, Carol Jean Wilgus and Marci, Michael and Ben Hansen, all of Ferdinand, and Ron, Shelly and Jared Wilgus of Schnellville.
Also in attendance from other parts of Indiana were Mabel (Wilgus) Craig, Della and Shirley Anderson, Terry Brinker, Brielle and Alexa McKinney, Danielle Waninger, Amber Waninger, Reid Waninger, David and Karen Lottes, and Rick and Tonya Wilgus, all of Evansville; Shannon, George and Gabriel Lance, and Andee Lee and Taylor Riddick of Mount Vernon; Hope, Brad-en and Bryce Kunard of Sellersburg; Jennifer, Curtis and Jackson Lee of Madison; Faith Hatton, and Chris, Candace, Amelia, Bradley, Shelby and Michelle Hatton, all from Deputy; Michael, Shannon and Patrick Clark from Crown Point, and Jimmy Wilgus from Merrill-ville.
From Indianapolis came Mabel (Schmidt) Wilgus; Don and Carolyn Wilgus; Andrew, Stephany and Andy Clark; Patrick and Sean Alerdine; Chris, Linda and Cole Wilgus; Tami and Jus-tin Wilgus; Sara, Roger and Noah Hill; Dylan Groves, and Adam and Jaclyn Hill; and Derek Sitzman, all of Indianapolis. And from Shelbyville were Kim Wilgus; Dennis Shadday; Alan, Kimmie and Ashley Browning; Sydney and Kaleb Hodson; Amy and Cammie Bennett, and Zavier Leon; Aaron, Laken, Ethan and Lilli Jenkins, and Linda and Barry Graves.
From out of state came Tom and Pat Wilgus of Mad-isonville, Ky.; Brian, Steph-ani and John Alex Wilgus from Greenville, Ky.; Steve and Diane Wilgus from Goodlettsville, Tenn.; Paul, Cheryl, Madelyn and Hannah Pitney of Burns, Tenn.; Adam and Holly Wilgus from Knoxville, Tenn.; Jordan, Deana and Kellen Graves of Spring Hill, Tenn., and Jeff Wilgus from Albany, Ga.
Also, Nathan Graves of Columbus, Ohio; Donnie, Carrie, Hannah, Amanda, Jacob and Nicholas Wilgus of Hastings, Mich.; Todd, Heather, Bailey and Morgan Waninger of Rock Falls, Ill.; Dan, Martha, Nathan and Anna Lottes from North Wales, Pa., and Kathy Clark from Lawton, Okla.
And also from afar were Jim and Terry Wilgus; Me-ghan Lombard, and Maria, Erin, Bryan, Lisa and Mat-thew Greenberg, all of Port Charlotte, Fla.; Patti and Marten Bos from Sarasota, Fla.; Sharon, Aunika and Brielle Wiseman of Lakeland, Fla.; Joanie and Mich-ael Gray from Tampa, Fla.; Logan and Phillip Wilgus of Bellevue, Wa.; and Bradley Wilgus from Pullman, Wa.
It was recognized that the oldest living family member and long-time reunion attendee, Regina (Claise) Wilgus, 89, from Indianapolis, was unable to attend this year’s event due to her ailing health. Therefore it was noted Mabel (Schmidt) Wilgus was the oldest attendant present, at 88, while Gavin Zarfos was the youngest, at 6 months. The family enjoyed a catered dinner of fried chicken, fixings and desserts, with many arriving in Jasper as early as July 19, and most remaining through July 22.
The 39th annual Wilgus reunion will be held at the Jasper Inn and Convention Center July 20, 2013.