Annexation finances simply don't add up

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I was looking through the paperwork sent to me by the City of Tell City and could not help but notice that next year (2015) for Street, Trash and Police Services, Tell City will spend $235,900 to provide these services to the proposed annexed region, but will take in $130,400 in property taxes and $26,700 in trash fees.

Where is the additional $96,800 going to come from to pay for these services in the proposed annex area? Look in your pocket current Tell City residents for the answer.

That deficit is for next year and according to the city of Tell City’s plan, it continues for years. It seems the citizens of Tell City should know how much has already been spent on this annexation proposal.

I have heard some very large numbers and if it goes to court it will be a whole lot more.

It reminds me of the old saying “when you are in a hole, stop digging.”

I also ran a business in Tell City for years and the comment in the newspaper from the chairman of the annexation committee stating “most of these people shop in Tell City” as a reason to annex.  

Does he really mean if we quit shopping in Tell City he would not see the need to annex? I know when I operated my business I wanted as many customers as possible so that I could afford to stay in business, pay my taxes and employees.

One good thing that came out of the public hearings is that it is legal to shoot your guns in the city of Tell City.

It makes hunting a whole lot easier.

Joe Neyenhaus
Tell City