All-county team features balanced scoring

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Two years ago two Perry County boys basketball players each averaged at least 22.0 points per game. This year no one averaged more than 15.4 ppg.

But seven players averaged at least 10.0 ppg and two more at least 9.0 ppg, so there was a lot of balance.
That made choosing the All-Perry County team a little less clear cut than in some years.
For the first time that I can remember there were no unanimous choices in the voting by the three county coaches, the three who coached against all three county teams (Kevin Oxley of Tecumseh, Ted O’Brien of South Spencer, and Jim Jones of Springs Valley), and me, who saw each team play at least seven times.
Andrew Huber and Austin LeClere of Perry Central and Brennan Malone of Tell City each received six votes.
Dacota Schaad of Perry Central and Tristan Simmons of Cannelton each received five votes and complete the all-county team.
Perry Central center Dillon Hubert fell just one vote short of making it.
Huber is the team’s Most Valuable Player, as he received the most votes for that honor.
LeClere and Simmons each received one MVP vote, and one voter said the MVP was “that Perry Central teamwork.”
Teamwork did help Perry Central dominate the county in assists (the top two averages in that category and four of the top six belong to Commodores).
Partially because of that and possibly because they work on their shooting a lot, the Commodores also dominated the shooting percentages, having six of the top eight field-goal percentages and the top six free-throw percentages.
Though there was a lot of balance in some statistics, Huber’s all-around game was hard to top.
He was second in the county in scoring at 14.3 ppg and led in assists with 3.4 per game and steals with 2.3 per game.
He was fourth in the county in field-goal shooting at 53.4 percent, the only guard above 45 percent.
He hit 70.6 percent of his free throws and went to the line 23 more times than anyone else because of his quickness and fearless driving.
And though not an exceptionally tall guard (he was listed at 6 feet), he was second on Perry Central’s team in rebounding at 5.5 per game.
LeClere was short for a forward, but with his strength, leaping ability and basketball smarts he had to be the most dominating 5-foot-9 inside player in the state.
He led the Commodores in rebounding at 6.6 per game and led the county in field-goal shooting at 56.7 percent while averaging 12.5 ppg.
He scored a lot of points posting up against taller players but could also handle the ball and operate outside.
He was second in the county in steals at 1.7 per game, third in free-throw shooting at 73.8 percent, and fourth in assists at 2.0 per game.
Malone, Tell City’s 6-3 center/forward, led the county in rebounding at 8.4 per game, was second in field-goal shooting at 56.4 percent, and fourth in scoring at 11.4 ppg.
He scored a lot on quick drives to the basket and was also fouled a lot on drives.
He went to the line 113 times, second most in the county, but the main weakness in his game was he capitalized on only 49.6 percent of those free throws.
Simmons is another talented player who should have been a better free-throw shooter. He hit only 53.1 percent at the line, really low for a guard.
His 23.0 percent three-point shooting also needs improvement. But he had a good mid-range game and used his quickness to get to the basket frequently as he led the county in scoring at 15.4 ppg.
He also led the Bulldogs in rebounding at 6.7 per game and was second on his team in assists with 1.8 per game.
Schaad was the best pure shooting forward in the county as he hit 31.9 percent from three-point range and 72.3 percent (fourth in the county) at the free-throw line while averaging 10.0 ppg.
He had probably the best individual game of any county player all season when he scored 30 points on 11 of 13 field-goal shooting, including 8 of 10 three-pointers, in the sectional championship game against Mater Dei.
Because the Commodores sometimes worked the ball a lot before shooting, they had fewer possessions and therefore fewer chances for rebounds than other county players. Still with Schaad’s strength and leaping ability, he should have averaged more than 3.3 rebounds per game.
Though there aren’t a lot of high scorers or size on this team, this is one of our most athletic all-county teams ever and could probably hold its own overall with most of them.

Perry County Boys Final Leaders
Name and School    G        Pts.     Ave.
Tristan Simmons, Can.    21    323    15.4
Andrew Huber, PC    24    343      14.3
Austin LeClere, PC    24    299      12.5
Brennan Malone, TC    22    250      11.4
Drew Mowery, TC    22    238      10.8
Dillon Hubert, PC    24    242    10.1
Dacota Schaad, PC    24      240    10.0
Hunter Rowe, TC    22    200      9.1
Elijah Littles, Can.    21    190      9.0
Damon Powers, Can.    21    167      8.0
Quinn Duke, Can.    21    163      7.8
Michael Schwartz, PC    24      182    7.6
Rebounding Leaders
Name and School    G       Reb.     Ave.
Brennan Malone, TC    22    185      8.4
Tristan Simmons, Can.    21    140    6.7
Austin LeClere, PC    24    159      6.6
Quinn Duke, Can.    21    126      6.0
Andrew Huber, PC    24    131      5.5
Dillon Hubert, PC    24    115    4.8
Field-Goal Percentage Leaders
(Minimum 70 Attempts)
Name and School     FG     FGA     Pct.
Austin LeClere, PC       110     194    56.7
Brennan Malone, TC      97     172    56.4
Dillon Hubert, PC      97     173    56.1
Andrew Huber, PC       117     219    53.4
Grant Sanders, TC       51     102    50.0
Nathan Schwartz, PC     40     80    50.0
Dacota Schaad, PC     82     183    44.8
Michael Schwartz, PC     64     145    44.1
Quinn Duke, Can.       68     156    43.6
Elijah Littles, Can.       62     149    41.6
Tristan Simmons, Can.    126     317    39.7
Free-Throw Percentage Leaders
(Minimum 24 Attempts)
Name and School      FT     FTA     Pct.
Dillon Hubert, PC     43     54    79.6
Trent Schraner, PC       27     34    79.4
Austin LeClere, PC       76     103    73.8
Dacota Schaad, PC       47     65    72.3
Andrew Huber, PC       96     136    70.6
Michael Schwartz, PC       19     27    70.4
Jayden Morris, Can.       21     30    70.0
Gant Miller, TC       41     59    69.5
Three-Point Shooting Leaders
(Minimum 20 Attempts)
Name and School      M      Att.      Pct.
Michael Schwartz, PC       35     87    40.2
Michael Miller, Can.       8     23    34.8
Drew Mowery, TC      36       108    33.3
Dacota Schaad, PC       29     91    31.9
Trent Schraner, TC      13       41    31.7
Hunter Rowe, TC       32     107    29.9
Andrew Huber, PC       13     45    28.9
Assist Leaders
Name and School    G        Ast.     Ave.
Andrew Huber, PC    24      82    3.4
Trent Schraner, PC    24    74      3.1
Damon Powers, Can.    21      64    3.0
Austin LeClere, PC    24    47    2.0
Tristan Simmons, Can.    21    38    1.8
Dacota Schaad, PC    24    34    1.4
Gant Miller, TC    22    31    1.4
Brennan Malone, TC    22    30    1.4
Steals Leaders
Name and School    G        Stl.      Ave.
Andrew Huber, PC    24      56    2.3
Austin LeClere, PC    24    40    1.7
Trent Schraner, PC    24    32    1.3
Michael Schwartz, PC    24    32    1.3
Brennan Malone, TC    22    34    1.5
Drew Mowery, TC    22      30    1.4