A night in the ring

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A TSW wrestling event fundraiser was held May 18 at Perry Central High School to raise funds for Erin Owen. Owen, a 31-year-old Tell City resident has been battling with breast cancer since February.


Featured wrestlers at the event were Don Big Tony, Section 8, Phuzz & CFL Loco, the Juggarnaughts, Sweet Daddy B., Nathan Blaise, Robert Striker, Venum, A.J. YoungBlood, Victor Kane, WidowMaker, Eric Marks, Connor O’Shea, J.C. Carnage, Titus Morton, BareBack Jack and Matt Maverick. One of the wrestlers, Jordan Kelly, is a 1998 graduate of Perry Central High School. He attended Shawn Michaels Wrestling Academy in San Antonio, Texas. Kelly was the organizer of the event.


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