7th-grade science program begins today

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PERRY COUNTY – Perry County’s seventh-graders will be engaged in hands-on science lessons today and tomorrow at a Science Sensation program.

The event is designed to spark student interest and to encourage students to pursue careers in science.

The fairgrounds will be teeming with excitement as these students learn biology, mapping, and soil science in unique ways.

Purdue Extension and Perry County 4-H are providing this program with presenters from Purdue Extension, Purdue master gardeners, U.S. Forest Service, Perry County Soil and Water Conservation District, and Tell City Junior-Senior High.

Lessons include learning about the digestive process in ruminate animals by interacting with a live cannulated cow from Purdue University. Students will not only see and hear about digestion, but they will be able to feel the process by putting their hand into the live cow’s stomach. Building upon this lesson, they will learn how dairy goats process food into milk, and they try their hand at milking the goat.

Other engaging lessons will have them crawling through a simulated bat cave to learn about bats, discovering different soil types and uses by feeling and testing soils, and seeing how worms play an important part in soil fertility.

Math and science skills will be used with the 4-H National Youth Science Day lesson “Maps and Apps.” Here students will learn mapping skills to design a park and then apply mapping skills by using GPS devices and applications on an Android tablet. This program is one example of how Purdue Extension and Perry County 4-H collaborate with schools to provide hands-on lessons to help youth learn science skills and to prepare them for the future.