’Twas just days before Christmas

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Vince Luecke
editor@perry countynews.com

’Twas four days before Christmas and all through my house, there were no Christmas decorations for anyone to see, not even a little tree. Sorry, I could not find a rhyme for “mouse.”

As I finish this column on Friday, my house in New Boston is void of any real Christmas cheer. I have yet to find a tree, string lights or pull out stockings, figurines or any of the other Christmasy items I keep in a spare bedroom.

I have no real excuse for this Grinch-like failing, other than not making it a priority. I returned Thursday from a week’s vacation and spent most of my free time brewing beer, a new enterprise I’ve embarked on. Brewing beer may seem like a fun and even adventurous pursuit but after about eight hours of lugging kegs and bags of grain, it simply becomes hard work.

I did do a little shopping for gifts over my break, attended a good number of holiday parties, open houses and evening soirees,  and cleaned the house of year-old dust bunnies and cobwebs.

But Christmas decorating didn’t move from the need-to-do list to reality.
I could gift family and friends this week with a variety of tasty brews that have had time to age to the point where they are ready to drink, but not all of my family and friends are drinkers and some, to their shame, don’t care for beer.

As of Friday, I held out hope of getting a tree in place over the weekend. As a friend pointed out, the time to buy a tree is just a few days before Christmas, when sales on such items are already under way.

I’m not always a bargain shopper but seldom turn down a deal.

I prefer real trees but they’re more work, so I’m not sure what type of tree, freshly cut or artificial, will grace my house come Christmas Eve.

December weather hasn’t co-operated well for people shopping for trees or gifts. Hopefully those who sell live trees have had good sales.

A careful search of the house would show a few signs that Christmas is near. Several Christmas greeting cards are on display here and there and my fridge, often bachelor bare, is filled with a few festive eats.  

Two cheese balls, thanks to the hard work of Tri Kappa members, are in the fridge and a ham, courtesy of the News, is there too. Thankfully, it just needs to be baked.

I’m determined not to let Christmas come and go with-out decorating to some degree. Hopefully Santa will find a tree of some sort, decently decorated, when he makes his rounds. I’ll leave a few cookies for him.

Or if it’s really crunch time, a bottle or two of Belgian-style beer. It could use a few more weeks of aging, so hopefully he’ll save it for a snowy day in January, when life is a little slower paced.