‘Mario Brothers’ make PBS debut Friday

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TELL CITY – Brothers Will and Beau Goffinet of Tell City recently got a chance to take their love of the Mario Brothers video game to the next level.

This Friday, the two will appear on the PBS children’s show “The Friday Zone” dressed as their favorite characters, Mario and Luigi.

The Mario Brothers video game features two sibling plumbers, Mario and Luigi, whose jobs are to investigate the strange creatures inhabiting the sewers of New York City.

The boys enjoy playing Mario and Luigi games on Nintendo 3DS, but Friday’s episode will showcase the boys’ creativity when their parents instruct them to “put away the video games and go play.”

Using their imaginations, Beau and Will have created a variety of play activities around their favorite characters, from videotaping scenes starring their collection of more than 70 plush Mario toys and dressing up as Mario and Luigi on Halloween to creating an original Mario Kart for last year’s Schweizer Fest streetcar parade.

Their entire Mario plush collection will displayed on “The Friday Zone” as the boys discuss their hobby. Will, 8, is in second grade at William Tell Elementary and Beau, 5, attends Community Christian Church preschool. They are the sons of Jonathan and Ginger Goffinet of Tell City.

“The Friday Zone” airs Friday at 4:30 p.m. on all Indiana PBS stations, including local station WNIN Evansville.